The Itty Bitty Titty Committee

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 solmetro: Plese feel free to continue: Small Boobs Benefits (SBB) list: #1 Can go bralles without fear that boob is gonna fall out any min #2 Holds shape even in old age aka less saggy breast when 80 #3 No backpain! #4 Tight shirts with pictures/sayings don't look deformed #5 less bouncy when running #6 People take you more seriously (<- this needs more feminism but yet is true) #7 Ability to wear light bras that don't give much suport yet look cute n hot #8 Allows to sleep/lay on belly easily


best thing about little bitties in the summer? not having to sweat in a bra

 Anonymous: positive things about itty bitties: no back pain, can wear whatever you want, you'll have perky breasts for life, they looks better in a bikini, you don't fall out of your shirt, you can wear bandeaus without a bra, you don't have to pay for special sized bras, they look classy and sophisticated, you will know when a guy truly likes you, you don't have to worry about someone wanting to titty f*ck you (gross), you can run, trampolines? okay!

 Anonymous: IBT benefit: there are almost always swimsuit tops in stock!! the most common size bikini top people buy is size medium...i need a size small and they almost always have one! whereas, when i go shopping with my friend who needs a medium, she can never find the color/style that she loves in her size...but i can! (:

benefits of having small boobs:

they don’t slap you in the face when you do a headstand


 Anonymous: Jumping crazily up and down without your boobs trying to escape from your shirt! :D

 Anonymous: best thing about small breasts is, being able to wear shirts with a picture or writing and it doesn't get distorted. Also, running down the stairs is a breeze because you dont have to hold your breasts! IBT all the way!!!

 Anonymous: I love my IBTs because I can play sports and my boobs don't get in the way!

 Anonymous: The best part about having small boobs is being able to wake up in the morning wearing just a t shirt and no bra and not bouncing around everywhere

 Anonymous: Small boobs don't fall into your armpits when you lie down ;-)

 Anonymous: The best thing about itty bitties, never outgrowing cute bras!

Perky 4lyfe

The best thing about small boobs… They’ll never sag. 

 Anonymous: best thing about small brests... women's gymnastics....

 Anonymous: To f350crazy: I love every fucking (sorry, my small boobs make me so excited I curse sometimes) thing about my boobs. I’m a runner, so I’m grateful that they don’t flap every which way or hurt when I exercise. I love that I can cover them up entirely with my hands. I love that they’re just absolutely adorable. I love that I can lie on my belly, hug people, paint my toes and bend over without them getting in my way. I love how elegant they look in certain clothes. The list goes on and on.

 Anonymous: I love laying on my chest, and doing stretches without squishing my chest. The other girls at the gym & beach look so uncomfortable!