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 Anonymous: I'm 22 & in the same situation as you. When I was younger I use to be insecure when it came to buying swimsuits or wearing certain tops that required boobs which I'm clearly lacking. & sometimes it sucks that I can't buy sexy bras bc I am a 30A. But as I've gotten older I don't mind too much anymore bc I can run, I can do so many things bc my body allows me to. & you're absolutely right that it's important to remember our body as a beautifully functioning thing & not purely ornamental.


:) There are pros and cons to every situation, and no matter who we are we just have to look on the positive side! I completely agree with you about the running thing, though, hehehe.

About the formal dress.  Are you really set on a low cut dress?  Personally, I think a high neckline and a tight bodice with open arms is ace - 50s style.  If you’re getting a dress made, how about 50s from the front and an open back?  You could make it a two piece, where the top is essentially just a front.  Those were really in in the 70s I think.  This reinvents the low cut dress and literally turns it around to accentuate a smaller or flat chest - your asset.  This will work well with a necklace and it looks conservative from the front, but the opposite from the back.  A 20s dress would also work well, especially if you have short hair.  Whatever you choose, I hope you feel beautiful and confident.

To the girl who asked for bikini advice:
All my life I was afraid to wear triangle bikinis because they made me look flatter than I actually am. I always wore padded ones, giant push ups to at least look like a decent cup A-B owner. However, last summer (which was also the summer I bet my bf) while changing clothes my boyfriend saw those marks on my skin made by tight push up bikini top (they always are tight just because they must push your boobies up) and asked me why I am wearing something so uncomfortable. This pretty much obvious question made me realize… Seriously! the hell! The same day I bought a tiny triangle bikini which is super comfy, it has no wires nor push ups whatsoever and I look lovely in it ;)
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 Anonymous: (Part 1) If your boyfriend doesn't make you feel good about your body then dump him. Seriously, it may seem like your relationship is great and you may love him but it is so much more fulfilling to be with someone who loves your body for what it is and only makes you feel more confident. I know from experience that it may seem like you won't find someone else or that the good aspects of the relationship seem to override the bad, but you should NEVER have to tolerate someone that makes

(Part 2) jokes or comments about your body that make you uncomfortable. I have super small boobs and current my boyfriend has never said one unkind word or made a joke and he always tells me they are the perfect size. Before him I was so insecure about them because of what other guys had said to me. It was the best decision I ever made to leave the guy who made me uncomfortable about my own body no matter how much I thought he “loved” me. You deserve someone that makes you feel 100% confident!

 Anonymous: I have fairly small IBT's and for a formal event am wearing a low cut dress, could you post some examples of other IBT's in low cut dresses so I don't feel so silly..? Also it's all well and good seeing other IBT's but under clothes I feel I just looks awkward, any tips on styles I can try!?

Girl venting about boyfriend making inconsiderate remarks about her breasts, I can so relate. I recently started taking birth control pills, upon telling my boyfriend this he said to me, “I hope they’ll make your boobs bigger.” I felt like shit and dwelled on that for a week, and when I finally worked up the courage to tell him howhis comment made me feel he said he was joking. I don’t get the joke.

Also being imformed that it’s just human nature for men to prefer big tits is also something that you don’t want to hear from your significant other. He doesn’t understand my hesitation to take off my bra in front of him, even when I explained thoroughly how much that hurts to hear being a small chested girl. He makes me feel like I’m being overly sensitive and over reacting. I love him, but my self esteem has seriously gone for a shit. I just want him to love my breasts the same way he would had I happened to he born with DD’s. It’s the only part of our relationship that I’m unhappy with. I don’t know what to do.

 Anonymous: To the lying down thing, I think all bras do that. My sister has big boobs and her bras are still looser when she lies down :)


this is a post about boobs. mostly small boobs, but boobs in general.

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 Anonymous: Please answer : ((( I'm not sure about my bra size because different brands fit differently. However WHATEVER size/brand bra I wear, it will get loose whenever I lay down! It seems perfectly fine when I stand up or do whatever but whenever I lay it looks so loose.... I tried like all sizes and my cup is between A and B.. I dunno what to do >.<

I feel like this happens when any bra. Read the notes, I’m sure someone would have a better answer than I

 Anonymous: Please don't stay with someone who makes you feel unhappy about your body! I tried that and all it resulted in was my self esteem being grinded down and then a very messy, bitter break-up. I'm now with an amazing guy who takes away my insecurities and as cheesy as it sounds really does make me feel like the most beautiful woman alive. Don't think that ignoring it will make it better because it won't.

I actually quite like my boobies! :D

I actually quite like my boobies! :D

 Anonymous: To any girl whose boyfriend makes them feel shitty about their small breasts.. As a man who loves smaller chest-orbs, please don't let them get you down. Your body should be something your S.. loves about you; every single bit and bob. My advice would be to find someone who makes you feel like the most magnificent being on the world, or talk to them about how you really feel. Most guys can't change what they like, but they can learn to be more understanding about how you feel about what they say

 Anonymous: Holy shit, last picture is like a sexy colour explosion! O_O Love that girls attitude, she is fierce!

 Anonymous: I'm still trying to learn to love my IBTs but I kind of backtracked cause I had to buy a bikini for a beach trip coming up. I don't mind my small chest in a bra since it's hidden, but this is a bikini >.< Any other fellow members struggling with confidence when it comes to swim suits? I need a little pep talk here :c