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 Anonymous: ladies, I'm a guy who loves ibts. I think they're the most attractive size. BUT that shouldn't matter. YOU need to love them, because no one else has the right to decide what is or isn't attractive. We're all different in many ways. Many of us are attracted to different things. There is no "attractive" or "unattractive". It's all made up by a society of insecurity. We are whoever we are, and we need to love ourselves and each other for it.

To anyone posting who feels insecure, this is one of the most attractive collection of women that I’ve seen.  No one should comment on the size of your body or your breasts, but some guys think you’re stunning.  Remember this.

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small boobs can definitely be just as sexy and feminine as larger ones. You just have to rock them with confidence. 

small boobs can definitely be just as sexy and feminine as larger ones. You just have to rock them with confidence. 

 Anonymous: To the Asian girl with large breasts - your room mate sounds insecure and jealous, try to ignore her being nasty to you. You're doing the right thing by not retaliating, as the saying goes "just because someone hands you a poisonous snake you don't have to take it" ;) x

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 Anonymous: I feel like being colored with ibt is not accepted by men because as a black woman we're supposed to be "curvy" and thats always made me insecure because I have nothing in the back nor front :(((


My roommate at the university is a white girl about 24 years old and she is very flatchested. I try to be nice to her and not say anything about her chest but she is constantly telling me I shouldn’t have big breasts because I am Asian. I think this is very racist. Sometimes I want to say mean things to her about her padded bras but I don’t. What she says is very bad to me. I think it is cute when a woman has very tiny chest. But i think it is wrong for her to say I should not have big breasts because I am Asian.

 Anonymous: I've always had small breasts and thought they'd grow but I'm 18 and they haven't so I'm assuming that they're never gonna.I use padded bras to make my body seem more proportional in clothes. My boyfriend loves my body, but I'm abstinent and idk how to tell him that pads helps a lot and that it's not really "me".When we were broken up last year, he did stuff with this other girl. I wouldn't be that jealous if it weren't for her perfect boobs, that I know he really liked, but I feel crappy now

 Anonymous: Does anyone know where to get small-banded bras? I really desperately want a big girl underwire bra but my ribcage is 25" around.

 Anonymous: Hi, I just want to tell you all, that your small boobs, while problematic are never anything to be ashamed about, they are something to be proud of, I'm a guy, and I love small tits, I love big boobs, too, but just like with a penis, size isn't everything. they are yours, squeeze them, love them. make them make you happy. And if you need help with that, there are many, many men and women (including myself) who would gladly help. looking around here any man who gets to see YOU neaked is lucky.

And by problematic you mean..?

 Anonymous: I find it so hard to feel sexy. When my boyfriend and I first got together he avoided my boobs completely. Shirt or bra was left on all the time, he'd cuddle me and feel all of my body except my boobs- he had absolutely no interest in them. I eventually explained to him how insecure this made me and since then he's made an effort to touch them more. But it's so forced and I know he doesn't like their smallness- I found his old Tumblr and it was full of big tits. They turn him on, mine don't. :'(


You have a beautiful body. Leave your inserts at home, in the drawer, and learn to love your wonderful self. It aches to know that you don’t see the beauty you possess.