The Itty Bitty Titty Committee

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 Anonymous: does anyone know where i can buy inexpensive 30B bras? i don't do online shopping, by the way..

 littlemissalternativeprincess: Does anyone else find bra shopping a nightmare for our boobs? I mean I'm 30A and I struggle to find a bra that fits and when I do they tend to be really childish or a push up bra. I hate push-ups and I just want some cute but not childish bras :(

 Anonymous: i have itty bitty boobies which i would love but they're a bit hairy round the nipples and my chest is covered in peach fuzz which i absolutely despise :( plus i'm so unevenly tanned on my chest its just awful :(((

Hair is natural! If anything just pluck them with tweezers (never use a razor)

 Anonymous: I keep checking to see when my submission will be posted! I love seeing myself on this blog :) IBTC rocks! This is an amazing blog!

I came across Nicole Mejia’s profile today! She’s a fitness model and a  member of the ibtc but also quite curvy :)  Plus, she’s really body-positive in her instagram profile. She’s a real role model for us thicker ibtc :)


Small boobs go so hard
 Anonymous: to than anon, your boobs are actually perfect, id kill to have your size agh!!

 Anonymous: Most of the female celebrities i can think of have reasonably small tits - on a par with many posted here. I think many larger girls have used small breasts as something to comment on as a put down, so smaller busted girls have developed a complex about a problem that doesn't really matter to anyone other than people who are jealous of their figure.

Ibt’s look really elegant in a simple silk evening gown.

Ibt’s look really elegant in a simple silk evening gown.

 Anonymous: I get the sense that the "Deviant Couple" are posting here purely for notes and more views on their blog rather than in any actual support or interest in the IBTC =(

Yeah that’s most likely the case, but seriously who doesn’t post submissions on any blog to get notes? Come on, I’ve even had some people ask for their submissions to be removed because they ‘didn’t get enough notes’. They’re submitting to the IBTC under the rules so I have no reason to deny the publishing of their submissions. I feel like they support IBTs because of what was written with some of their earlier photo submissions, it wasn’t always just their URL.

 Anonymous: if a lady with ibts kept her bra on during sex, I'd be very sad and disappointed.

It’s not the size or shape of your beautiful breasts, but the amazing woman behind them. :D

Ok ladies, I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I’ve talked to enough people to internalize the whole “any guy that matters will love all of you” stuff. So I’ve decided that it will help to wait a long time before having sex with any guy that I’m serious about. I’ve never really done that before, so it’s fair enough that I try it out. But here’s the kicker: I have a very high sex drive and I don’t mind casual sex in the meantime between now and whenever it is that I meet someone I’m serious about being with. But I have so much anxiety about letting anyone else see my breasts that I (literally) have anxiety attacks when trying to be intimate with anybody new. I don’t know what to do. I’ve been dealing with this for so long that I don’t know how to feel any other way. My old method was to just keep my bra on and never let anyone see them, and I might have to resort to this again if the anxiety doesn’t stop.