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 Anonymous: Today I went shopping and got a really cute bra from aerie for $20, it's called Hannah. I also got 2 halter bralettes from forever 21 for only $3 each! I really wish I could submit some pictures but I can't since I'm on mobile. Anyways while I was carrying my bra around aerie my friend was looking at it and said, "smaller bras are so cute!" A few years ago I probably would have taken offense to that and felt really insecure about it but I'm embracing the fact that I have small boobs! I love it!

Yay! Congrats on the excellent finds ^.^

 sexrock32: For the insecure 32A. being a "boob guy" doesn't mean you only like big boobs. I am a boob guy and I love all boobs but have a preference towards smaller. The real question is how to deal with some one who is insensitive towards your feelings. Tell him again how it makes you feel, maybe he doesn't really understand how deeply this effects you. If he keeps making you feel self conscious then you need to decide if the relationship is worth it...

 Anonymous: I'm a 34A, and I've been dating a boob guy for almost 6 months. He's constantly looking and talking about boobs, how the fuck do I deal with it without feeling self conscious a lot of the time? (He's aware of my insecurity by the way.)

I’m afraid to send a picture and someone I know end up seeing it. Will my email be shown?

IBTC- just put a fake email and don’t show your face
Do I get a prize for having the smallest ugliest ‘tits’?

Do I get a prize for having the smallest ugliest ‘tits’?

 Anonymous: I submitted yesterday. When should it be posted? c:

I have four in the queue now! Should be all posted by the end of the day tomorrow

For the anon that asked: these are inverted nipples. An inverted nipple is where the nipple, instead of pointing outward, is retracted into the breast. In some cases, the nipple will be temporarily protruded if stimulated, but in others, the inversion remains regardless of stimulus. Women and men can have inverted nipples. The most common cause is just being born with inverted nipples. One way to reverse it without spending so much money is to get your nipples pierced.

For the anon that asked: these are inverted nipples. An inverted nipple is where the nipple, instead of pointing outward, is retracted into the breast. In some cases, the nipple will be temporarily protruded if stimulated, but in others, the inversion remains regardless of stimulus. Women and men can have inverted nipples. The most common cause is just being born with inverted nipples. One way to reverse it without spending so much money is to get your nipples pierced.

 Anonymous: How do I submit? Do I have to have an account somewhere else to upload the picture from there and then add the link to my submission?

You don’t need an account, or to be logged in, just an email. And even then, it can be a fake email. I found some blogs with how to’s:

 Anonymous: What are inverted nipples? I had never heard of that before but I think that might just be my case.

About to make a post about them!

 Anonymous: To the girl who said that thing about big boobs in porn: I've noticed that, what I really hate about porn is that it kind of gets men obsessed with large breasts and they only want them. I really love it when my boyfriend touches my breasts but I know he likes them bigger, so he would definitely like it better and even do it way more if mine were big too. Which is really annoying because I like having them touched, they're very sensitive. What's the point of having fun with plastic dead boobs?

 Anonymous: Besides having IBTs I have one nipple pointing forward and the other one kind of points to the side. It's not like you can see it straight away but it annoys me, especially when I see them in the mirror/take a picture of them.

 Anonymous: Hey, I'm the one who sent that ask about guys being virgins and all. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, obviously there's nothing wrong with being a virgin. What I meant is that their douchy behavior drives girls away, thus keeping them from "getting laid" (which is so hyper-valued nowadays, you know)

About a year ago I posted here about a really fluke-y but chance encounter with an Asian IBT at a bakery I was at. I said then and still say now she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I used every ounce of courage I have ever had to ask her out knowing she would say “No” but to my shock she said “Yes.” The first time we got naked she covered her IBTs in embarrassment until I told her not to and they were beautiful and ever since then she changed her attitude about them 180-degrees and now adores them. Thought I would post an update here. 

As I said once I told her how much I loved both her and her IBTs (I NEVER use that term to her, though) she now walks around my place topless literally as soon as she comes over and closes the door. It’s like a caged animal that has been let loose. She now never wears a bra (Honestly - she doesn’t need to) and loves wearing t-shirts out in public and having no bra on. Her nipples frequently get very hard when out in public and something like a breeze hits her shirt. She has told me for the first time ever she feels like a woman and not a little boy with different plumbing. We have been together for a year and in that time we have not had Sex one time in either one of our residences (We have had a few quickies in public places, though - lol). Every time we get intimate we are Making Love with the shortest session we have had lasting an hour all totaled. Being inside her and feeling her chest pressed against mine just makes me know how lucky I am. I have wanted to Propose to her since our first date but knew I couldn’t for fear of scaring her and seeing her run away.

Finally after a year I couldn’t hold out any longer. I wanted to make it special and memorable since I knew she would tell everyone and I wanted something to remember and honestly I needed to be creative because I think she was expecting it. The bakery we met at is a place we still frequent. We pick out a wide variety of products and every now and then we get cakes. With this in mind one day I went there and spoke to the Manager and explained the situation to her of how we met there and how much this place means to us. I said I wanted to propose there but thought she would expect it so I couldn’t do that. I did ask if on July 4 (They were open that day) I would like to come in and get a cake with some writing on it and said I wanted it to say “You make my heart go Ka-Boom every day” and that later that night I was going to propose to her. The woman was speechless and jokingly said if she doesn’t accept the proposal ask her - she will. 

On the day I was going to do it we went to the place at the agreed upon time with the manager and dressed the way we usually do and I did nothing to tip it off. I wore the shirt I said I would and the cashiers were told ahead of time what I was going to wear so they knew what to do. We got to the register and I ordered a cake. I winked at the cashier and she knew what that meant. I made sure to order one that was not in the front case so the woman said she had to go to the back and see if they had any. She came out and said they did but it would be a few minutes. I paid for it and then a few minutes later the manager came out holding the cake for us to look at it. On the cake was the inscription. She saw it and I think she expected a proposal there but none was coming so she just passionately kissed me and teared up. We took the cake and left. I could tell in her voice and body movements she was sure a proposal was coming but none was - at least for now.

Later that night, since it was July 4, we were going to a friend’s house and watching fireworks when it got dark from their backyard with an amazing view of several shows. I had her wear the exact same top she had on the first time I saw her. Just seeing her in it made me realize how lucky I was and how right I was to want to make her my wife. When the fireworks started I had her in front of me but pulled her close to me and had my arms around her waist. My heart was beating so fast I am shocked she couldn’t hear it. Almost no one knew what I was going to do that night, with one exception.

When it came time for the grand finale I decided this was the time to do it. I took my right arm away from her and reached into my pocket (the box with the ring was inside the pocket). I was trembling when I whispered in her ear with her still facing the fireworks, “Every day with you has been like the 4th of July and I want every day for the rest of my life to be the same, Will you Marry Me”? It took a few seconds for her to realize what was said. She turned around with a wide eyes look and eyes as big as possible. In front of her face was the box with it opened up to show her the ring. She started crying and by then people saw what was going on. She somehow got out a “Yes” and put her arms around my neck and gave me the most passionate kiss we have ever had. People around us were clapping and the women were also crying.

When we stopped kissing the fireworks were over. I said there was one thing I forgot to do and needed to take care of that now. I said I forgot to get her father’s permission. I yelled out his name and asked if it was OK if I married his daughter. She didn’t know that I had flown in her parents from the East Coast and they were there to see the whole thing. Of course I had already asked and he jokingly gave me permission. When she saw her parents they came over to her and she cried in their arms for a good minute or more. I had arranged for some champagne and sparkling apple cider to be there and all of us there toasted to the occasion.

When all 4 of us left I took her parents to the hotel room I got for them for that night. I told her father they can come stay with us (she moved in with me about 3 months ago) the rest of their stay but I wanted them in a hotel for one night and he was cool with it and understood why. We got back to my place around 10 pm but didn’t get to sleep until almost 3A and I think all here know why. We were exhausted the next day when her parents came over but I didn’t care.

The best part of this………….when we got back to our place after I proposed she told me she had been saving money every month for a few years for implants. She said she had about $4,000 and was about 80% of the way towards the amount she needed. She said, though, she is now not going to get them and she wants to use the money for our Honeymoon!!!!! She said one mandatory requirement is a place that has a full nude beach which stunned the heck out of me because when we first met she was shy and embarrassed about her body and hating showing it off and now all she wants to do is show it off since she knows how much I love it and now she does, too.

What initially drew me to her was seeing her in a spaghetti strap top and see she was flatter than I am but she had the most beautiful face I have ever seen. I hate to say this but if she had bigger breasts I might not have asked her out. So to all women out there who are fortunate enough to be an IBT………….NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER be ashamed of what you have and don’t think that just because you have little to nothing up top guys won’t find you attractive because WE WILL! I will now have a lifetime of happiness with an IBT - someone I wouldn’t trade for any woman alive!

 lordookami: IBT and IN? How can it be more cute? My ex had IN, and I loved it. And I love ibt, but this is obvious. I think IN as small breast is a personal matter. Some like, some don't. Some just don't care. Love it as you love your ibt girl

 Anonymous: To the gal with inverted nips. Both of mine are as well. One is more so than the other. I've never had any issue with them nor have I ever received any negative comments on them as well. Even though it is normal it's not very common. Especially if it's both. Embrace your uniqueness. I love the fact that I'm not like everyone else. Itty bitty plus inverted nips, who wouldn't love it.