The Itty Bitty Titty Committee

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 Anonymous: (1)Guys who put down their girls breast size are ironic/stupid. Like when you met your girl she wasn't carrying double d's. A pushup bra wouldnt make her boobs that big. Obviously you saw something else that you liked. Yet all of a sudden you decide that its okay to make her feel like shit for having small boobs. Like at least you had a sneak peak at what you were getting into. Making fun of girls boobs= making fun of dick size in both situations both feel shitty and less of a man/woman.

(2)You knew what you were getting into If you’re gonna have a problem with small boobs why not save yourself the trouble? For those girls with bfs that make them feel bad,realize its not your fault and love yourself enough to break your own heart then piece it back together. Everyone deserves the love they give their partners.If you are mindful or your lovers feelings they should be too. Find someone who loves you for you but before that learn to love yourself too.

 Anonymous: I feel like the other anons' focus Here is mainly "Oh, I'm a man and I like small boobs, so you should be happy with yourself." The reassurance is nice, but we have to love ourselves as well, regardless of what others think.

Keep your boobs, get better guys

This whole site, BroadBlogs, is amazing! I recommend checking out the other posts, it’s very empowering and sex-positive for us ladies.

 Anonymous: This is my favorite blog EVER! this blog + my amazing boyfriend have boosted my self esteem so much in the past year or so and I genuinely love my breasts now! I LOVE THEM! I used to be so ashamed of them but now i'm so proud of them and I show them to my boyfriend every chance I get instead of hiding them and being scared of him seeing them. I also never realized how attractive I found small ones on other ladies until I was able to love and accept my own! They truly are cuter and sexier! <3

 Anonymous: Big or small breast it doesn't matter cause its who you are not what you look like. Personally as a guy I love small breast over large breast just as a personal preference. Stay Golden

 Anonymous: The truth is a lot of guys wont care if your boobs are small or big. Some of us just want to love you because you're you.


And those guys are what I call real men.

 Anonymous: Blog owner about the pole dancing classes - Do it! I'm so much fitter and more flexible and well...I feel super sexy when I'm dancing! :$

Confidence boost!

 Anonymous: Is there any other way to submit? I have been having a lot of trouble in your submit page from my iphone

You can’t do it on a mobile. (Well you can but it’s very difficult and 90% doesn’t go through)

 fragmentallygirl: I guess my comparison was off I was trying to pick body parts that people feel insecure about- but what I meant is that body parts don't determine whether one is attractive or not, it's how one carries his or herself-- I'm small up top do I let that hang over my head nahhh-- I still think I'm awesome and attractive- not conceited but I learned to like what I have and I have more to offer then just the size my my boobs :P I hope this comes out clear now- we are all lovely creatures!!

 Anonymous: I think small breasts look much better than big ones. It's hard to actually see their shape when a girl has clothes on, but to me, they look so much prettier... I'm now proud of my itty bitty titties, but I didn't use to be. I hope someday you will all join me! You are all beautiful!

 Anonymous: It makes me really mad when someone says ''people should like you for who you are, so don't worry''. It's the same as saying ''they don't like you for body and never will, but that's ok, it's your personality that matters''. Oh, ok, I know personality is the most important thing, but just because my breasts are small they can't be appreciated?

 Anonymous: I've recently started pole dancing classes (not in a stripper way, for fitness! xD) and damn, I'm currently feeling amazing about my body! :D

I want to take a pole dancing class so bad!

 Anonymous: Saying small boobs are like a boys chubby stomach does not make me feel good thanks.


 Anonymous: I'm a 30AAA mostly bc I'm skinny, but I got bullied a lot since I'm 9! I mean I was fricking 9 and my classmates (of course the girls they are more rude about that) bullied me for having nothing. 4 guys told me that I have too less to be sexy. It's really the girls that will make you feel awful like you even consider yourself with them BUT THATS NOT POSSIBLE EVERYONE IS UNIQUE! And I found a gilfriend so don't worry about love because love means love means everything! Sorry if I am confusing

 Anonymous: I've said it before and I'll say it again- when it comes to boobs, there's no such thing as 'too small'. but they can definitely be too big. this dude loves ibts!