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 deadjok3r: I've always loved small breasts cuz I like to rest my head on a girls chest and hear her heart beat and as stupid as this may sound I feel like hearts can communicate with one another when close enough.

I was talking to my 23 yo boyfriend recently about boobs and he mentioned how he used to be crazy about big breasts as a teenager; he didn’t care for anything else, he just thought the bigger, the better. Then he told me how, as he got older, his taste evolved and now he cares about the butt, the general silhouette of a woman; he said that since pretty much every pair of breasts is beautiful, regardless of size, what matters is the overall appearance. He also said something along the lines of “men like to look at big breasts but prefer to touch smaller, firmer ones”.

I know we don’t need validation from men to love our breasts, but I thought it was interesting to get a guy’s perspective on this, especially the part where he mentioned how his tastes changed. So maybe it is indeed hard for teenage girls to feel appreciated and beautiful in the eyes of teenage boys, but it does get better later in life, as the boys grow up and develop a more mature appreciation for the female body.



 Anonymous: Tbh, before following this site I had no idea my nipples were "puffy & inverted". I guess I've been lucky that despite having no cleavage, & AA cups I've never had a guy I was dating say anything negative (at least not to my face) about my boobs. (If they did, I'd kick 'em to the curve in that moment!) I admit I was made fun of by one asshat in particular from middle school all the way to high school graduation for "looking like a boy", but I think most guys don't care about nipple shape.

 Anonymous: I love looking at the messages people send in about them accepting their Itty bitties and I just hope that one day to come where I can do the same but it just doesn't seem probable, I can't even look at myself naked in a mirror :/

 deadjok3r: I prefer IBT over bigger ones but boobs are always beautiful no matter the size I may not be the first to say so but that doesn't take away from the meaning

 theheartbreakerz: You have every right and reason to be confident. Your body is immaculate! Be proud of what you have and who you are. the Pink Floyd panties in your pic!

*sorry I am so late on posting this*

 Anonymous: not many submissions lately :/

Nope :/

 my-heart-is-in-socal: Why is it that you only see skinny flat girls get compliments but never girls like me? And why are all the pretty bras for B cups and up?

Getting my nipples pierced has done so much for my confidence lately. I’m so glad that I did it.

Getting my nipples pierced has done so much for my confidence lately. I’m so glad that I did it.

 Anonymous: I thank you for your last post about men writing in about their small penises, and I agree with it. And I'm a man with a small penis.

Thank you :)

Alexandra here

I have about 7 messages in my inbox from men comparing small penis size to small breast size. Messages like this are not going to be published. While there can be points made to how they are alike, breasts are not sexual organs, breasts are something you can find a picture of almost anywhere (thus it’s always under scrutiny), and for the most part, you can tell a woman’s breast size at any time, it isn’t as easily hide-able as the penis so women have less protection than men at being made fun of or noticed for size.
Men have every right to have feelings of insecurity and I do acknowledge a lot of men are insecure for their size but this is not the place to express those insecurities.
Thank you,

 Anonymous: As a member of the opposite sex, I have to admit I stumbled across this blog for all the wrong reasons. But, after reading a bit, I noticed the fantastic level of support you have for each other. I think there should be more blogs like this around :)

 erag0nshadeslayer: Referring to the most recent post, I would just like to point out that you can disagree with a person without being rude. Just a suggestion. c:

 Anonymous: I wish men would stop trying to reassure us that they love our small breasts. We don't NEED validation from you guys. We need to start loving ourselves for US. I find it incredibly unhelpful to hear, "Don't worry ladies, someone out there wants you!" Bc that's not the point. And anyway, whoever said all small-breasted women WANT the male attention? Just support our cause for what it is & stop telling us how much your gender likes our bodies. We are more than sex partners, more than girlfriends.